Five Fun Things to Hide in an Easter Egg

Easter bunny platesEaster Sunday is this Sunday, so the Easter Bunny only has a few days left to stuff his eggs, plot his course, and find egg-cellent hiding spots. (Forgive us — what party store can resist a pun?) That’s quite a to-do list for a rabbit, and we have a hunch that he might need our help. So, if you happen to see him hop by, please give the Easter bunny our list of five fun things to hide inside an Easter egg:

1) Candy: Jellybeans, Skittles, M&M’s, and Cadbury eggs are all the perfect size for stuffing into Easter eggs. Larger eggs can hold “fun” sized candy bars, like Butterfingers and Snickers bars. You can also color code the eggs with the candy to make a monochromatic prize. For example, fill a blue egg with blue M&Ms, blue Skittles, and blue jellybeans.

2) Money: Yup, that’s right — money. Cold, hard cash is loved by Easter egg hunters of all ages! Any amount — from a penny to a $20 bill — will do. You can also use arcade tokens, lottery tickets, and gift certificates. (Have we mentioned that To-Do’s has gift certificates? Give the gift of a party!)

plastic Easter eggs3) Fortunes: Inspirational messages aren’t just for fortune cookies. You can turn your Easter eggs in Easter fortune eggs by printing out messages and stuffing them into brightly colored eggs. Messages can include positive predictions for the year, scriptures, inspirational quotes, or funky song lyrics.

4) Tiny Toys: Think outside of the traditional Easter basket. Matchbox cars, bouncy balls, key chains, jewelry, whistles, and stickers all fit inside of a plastic egg, and they’ll all provide more hours of enjoyment than candy … not to mention fewer cavities. ;)

5) Clues: Perhaps you want to give your Easter egg hunters a bigger prize? Easter gifts don’t have to fit inside of a plastic egg. Instead, hide clues to the gifts inside the eggs. Each clue can lead directly to a gift, or a series of clues hidden in different eggs can lead to the mother load of an Easter basket.

spring ballonUse just one or use all five of these tips to fill your Easter eggs. No matter what’s in the eggs, every Easter bunny knows that it’s the thrill of the Easter egg hunt that makes kids smile. Also, feel free to stop into To-Do’s for Easter balloons, tableware, and plastic eggs. We also don’t mind if you leave a few candy-filled eggs hidden in our store. Trust us, we’ll find ‘em!

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